Education Continuity

Education Continuity Sponsored By The Oregon Department of Education and The Accelerate Oregon Partnership for 21st Century Education


This virtual learning platform is designed to support teaching and learning during a school closure. With very minor adjustments, this website can be tailored to meet individual school and student needs to help provide continuity of learning during a school closure.

This virtual learning platform cannot replace classroom instruction but can be used by educators to facilitate virtual learning via the internet during a school closure. Teachers can use the website to post lesson plans and interact with students via blog, audio conferencing or WebEx. The platform hosts a set of publicly available digital learning tools from a number of resources all reviewed by the Oregon Department of Education.  Principals can use the website to communicate with staff and parents. For more information on how to use this virtual learning platform go to " Platform Help"




Please send your  H1N1 school closure questions to :

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